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Mujib Biriyani is the place to visit and feel the joy of eating best spicy dish ever. It is Family friendly and clean restaurant. The dish has the feeling of home – made and the service provided by the restaurant is first-class. The Quiet and elegant restaurant which has the smells of spices filled everywhere in the restaurant. It becomes the favorite for foodie. It is well known for the Biriyani.

Non Veg Dishes.

At Mujib Briyani, Non-vegetarian can experience the variety of dishes like Chukka varuval, Mutton chukka, Kaddai 65, Chicken 65, Pepper chicken gravy, Nattu Kozhi Gravy, Lollipop etc. Spicy vegetarian dishes are available here. Crispy Dhosa with chutney is the hot dish every vegetarian should taste in Mujib Biriyani. Vegetarian can experience the variety of dishes like Dhosa, Onion Dhosa, Butter Dhosa, Ghee Roast, Chappathi, Idly, Meals etc.


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